Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life as a "carnie"

The months of February and March are my busiest months of the year for travel. I exhibit at 4-5 shows in about 8 weeks. I feel like one of those carnival people who set up the rides and games and then tear them down and move to the next town and do it all over again. It wears on me physically, mentally, and emotionally. Not to mention that it wears on my wife and kids too while I am away. We call it the trade off for being able to work at home and spend most of my days with them. Nevertheless it takes its toll.

As I approached this season I felt a strong urging to make sure this round was different. I felt as though God was saying to me" I have something for you this year if you allow me to show you". Honestly the shows are my weakest point in my relationship with Christ. I am separated from all who know me and my routine is completely different. In the past my struggles and sins happened while on the road. It was easy to be picked off by the enemy when you are separated from the flock! So I share with you today because I have found that transparency allows light into my dark places and gives glory to Him, not me.

2 Corinthians 11:30 NIV
If I must boast, I will boast of the things that show my weakness.

Many of you have been curious about what I do and how these shows work. This week I am in Baltimore and want to share my experiences with you. He has laid it on my heart to do so for me to focus away from what distracts and drags me down as well as maybe what I am feeling and writing my touch your life some way. I don't know where you are with Jesus, but maybe He is knocking on your hearts door and you are busy hiding.

Tomorrow I want to share about how putting my work out for others is parallel to exposing your true character to others. It can be scary and freeing all at once!

Today I want to share an experience that happened last night as we walked back to the hotel. Mark and I were making the 15 minute walk back last night and a man came up and introduced himself. Then he proceeded to tell us a long story about how he is here for a conference and as he was going to leave the key broke off in the car door, then the police opened the door for him, but it was the key was also the ignition key. His wife could not be reached on his cell phone, and he needed $17 to combine with his $3 to take the train home to get his spare key. I know you are probably saying this guy is scamming us. Most would but I was not qualified to make that call. He proceeded to tell us he is not homeless and this is the truth. As I gave him a $20 bill he said "God bless you guys." I asked him if it was alright to pray for him and he responded "sure!" So there we were three guys holding hands in the middle of a busy Baltimore street praying. When I finished he was in tears and astounded that we helped him. He looked up, kissed the cross on his neck and said thank you to the sky.

We did no miracles, no great public deeds, just listened to a man reach out for help and were compelled to give. I think how many times have a I walked by someone and judged whether or not they are scamming people or really in need? To my own fault I tend to believe the best in people. Maybe they are not homeless or in need, but I can only do my part to help when I am asked. That night I believe God placed me on that street to see whether or not I was wrapped in myself or in HIM.

How about you? Are you willing to see what HE sees or are you blinded by yourself?

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