Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Happens when you are" Undone"

There comes a point in every persons life that we face trials and struggles. It is inevitable in a world that has fallen to ways of sin. God said that there would be toil, anguish, and strife in this life" He did not say that there might be, but He said that there will be. It is only a matter of when not if it happens. What do you do when it comes? Where do you turn? In my own case, when life got hard or I was in a tough situation I turned inward to myself. I tried to reason the situation out in my head and form a possible solution. Sounds like a good answer....but the problem was inside my head I had been feeding lies to myself about my abilities, my worth and who I was meant to be. So when I tried to reason my way through a problem, I told myself that I deserved nothing, I was not worthy of success, and that I would never be good enough to be a success in the world's eyes. Even writing these words depresses me to think that I believed all of those things down to my core.
Many of you may feel this way right now. How did I begin a path of destroying those misconceptions that formed the "stories" in my own head? Confession to others and being a transparent person to others and God. That is the beginning. I learned that no matter how painful it is to share your true faults and failures to God, your spouse, your family, and others God uses this to strengthen His relationship with you. It is not easy, but it is so fulfilling to know that you are who God wants you to be and it does not matter what others think. This was and is so hard for me. I am such a "yes" man and people pacifier that I did not want to let anyone down ever. Except I compromised and let God and myself down by pleasing everyone else.
I now put God first on the list and only strive to please Him daily by running to the cross when struggles take place. Am I perfect 100% of the time? No!!!! I am human and make mistakes, but I do know that I can keep coming back to Him and He is waiting to restore me and show me how to deal with it the next time while resting in His care.
The song that inspired me to reflect on these thoughts weighs heavy on my heart and mind today. It is sung by Mercy Me called "Undone". It speaks of who we are in Christ and that the only place we need to be is at the cross lifting high our chains that He has undone! Please watch and listen and find rest in Him today when you are "Undone".