Friday, July 3, 2009

Jesus Calling

I sit here in Piedras Negras, Mexico after a week of work and relationship building with a team of 4 adults and 12 high school girls. Leading up to this trip was a fury of packing, preparing for a delivery while I was going to be gone and trying to make the best of the moments with my family. Apprehension and a hint of regret shrouded my mood. I have been on several mission trips in the past 12 years and have seen some amazing things. God always shows up and pierces my heart with what he can do in this world of hurt, pain and suffering. I started to get second thoughts about whether I should be going because of all I was leaving left undone. Then like a wave crashing on me God's words rang in my heart. This trip is for the people of Mexico, but have you not always drawn closer to me during your time of service? My mind answered a resounding "Yes, my life has always been enriched by taking time to see another culture, work with people who thirst for you, and love on people who don't know your unconditional grace." Then the song by 33 Miles echoed in my ears called "Jesus Calling." I encourage you to listen to this song at

Can I step out of my comfort zone, can I look beyond my little world of my business, family, and home, open my ears to something eternal. there is always another side the coin of life. God wants to show us so much that can enrich, affect, and improve our perception of who he is and how He loves this world. He wants to use us for His purposes. I was reminded that my little old self has a definite purpose in His plan. My life is an act of worship to glorify Him. Whether I am in Ohio or Mexico He wants me to follow and fulfill others by His strength and Love.

I have been journaling all week and seeing Him move in marvelous ways here. I intend to share some stories of redemption and restoration in the coming posts. As He promised, He will reveal more to us when we continue to step out of the boat and trust Him. Where are you in your belief and trust of the One who desires to live in an intimate friendship with you forever? Jesus is calling through the mess that you might be in or coming out of. If you feel alone, you are not. He is right there calling your name. Will you listen and reach for Him?

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