Thursday, July 16, 2009

Do you have a flashlight?

As we sat outside tonight with our life group a discussion of success was tossed around. What is success? How do we measure it? By what standards do we compare it? So many questions but answers were few? It seemed like such a big question, but when we broke it down to what God says about success it was straightforward. God wants us to follow his plan, wait on his timing and live life according to his guidebook. When we put it in those terms seems so simple. The tricky part comes in to play when we must apply it to our lives.

Part of success means waiting on God. His plans are greater than my desires. This can be very hard to hold onto when the things in your life are stacked up against you. People around you may be moving faster in a direction of worldly success, your life may feel like it is in a backsliding roller coaster, or maybe spiritually you are waging warfare between who you were before and who you are in Christ now. Satan likes to drag up past failures in order to crush your self worth and security in God.

Patience and perseverence are not two of my strongest attributes. Especially lately! I can be downright selfish and impatient when I let myself fall into that trap. When I start to let my guard down, conjure up reasons for entitlement, and have spiritual amnesia, someone is waiting at my door to help memove down a path that is not in God's plan. That someone is Satan, yes the great deceiver prowls around like a lion waiting to strike at just the right moment. I have learned that when stress, anxiety and tiredness are in my life, nighttime becomes a time of temptation. How do I combat these worldly desires that Satan so cunningly plants around me? The only line of defense is the light..... Light always triumphs over darkness period. Even the smallest candle produces light in a darkened room. God's words ring true in my heart as light. His promises will always defeat Satan's lies. Courageous friends who surround me with heartfelt encouragement girds up my defenses as well. God has placed a great cloud of witnesses around me to strengthen and sharpen me.

What lies are you believing today? It is easy to fall for the traps set for us each day. I will be the first to say that I am not perfect and I make mistakes each day. The promise of grace is comforting at the end of the day when I am making amends with Him. It is not that I sin because of grace, but I am thankful that as a flawed human it exists in spite of me. Thanks for picking me up when I am weak and restoring me to you Jesus. In our travels called life, it is good to have his flashlight to illuminate our path.


  1. God's way is interesting, the more we surrender to Him the more successful we become. And He's the One who does measuring. There is no comparison!

  2. Gary,

    I am so proud to call you my husband, and so humbled by your words and depth of reflection. Keep writing, God has plans for you and your words! I love you always