Friday, May 15, 2009

My Offering

Hebrews 4:16 Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.

God speaks to each of us in a way that will cause our heart to listen. Music and lyrics is a way that God speaks to me. Whether it is through a time of trial or season of contentment I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in many songs that I am allowed to really listen to and reflect. Artists sing these songs for many reasons, but God who is good, uses them for his children for a myriad of purposes. One such song came to me as I was running the other morning. As I exercise my body, I enjoy listening to music and reflecting. (It takes my mind of the pain that my body is crying out to stop) The song that resonated in my heart that morning was by the group 33 Miles called “My Offering”

How many times in your life have to said or felt that you could not approach God or even pray a simple prayer because you felt guilt, shame or inadequacy due to the sins in your life. Or could it be the person you are having a conversation with about Christ and they make the comment ” I need to get some things straightened up in my life before I can go to God” How sad and misguided have we become that we forget that God wants the broken and battered to restore. As a culture of have it my way, be all you can be, get it done ourself, we have cried for our independence. God who loves us gave us that independence even though he knew we would make decisions that would hurt and scar him in order to bring us back. What does he want from us though?

The song contains a message that we betrayed, lied, ran away, cursed his name, and were to blame. On the flip side God forgave, spoke truth, stayed, called me child, went to trial and ultimately died to give us more than we could ever find. He wants to take every part of us as an offering to him wholly and only. On our own we make a mess of things, but he transforms it into his offering because is comes from his creation. Sounds strange, but God can only make good out of all circumstances.

I know in my life I have made plenty of messes and when repentance is sought, God transforms my messes into beautiful paintings that only he can create. We can’t fully understand the process because it is heavenly, but that is where faith is required to trust Him unconditionally. Once you can do this you can gain confidence and strength in a God who loves you beyond measure.

What are you holding onto or what excuses are you using to keep you from fully coming to God? He wants all you, which includes the messes that you have made, but can’t fix. He can fix them if you only take them to you as your offering. Approach with humble confidence and be amazed at his grace!


  1. Amen, Gary! Way to go putting out your high quality godly character in a transparent way to bless others!

    I John 1:9 is so precious to me for the reason you mention. I'm not w/out sin, and often weighed down by it. The enemy wants to drown and nullify me with it, but Jesus simply wants to heal and set free. Could it be any simpler, and any more clear? "If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and purify us from all unrighteousness." Thank you, Jesus!

    blessings, Jeff

  2. Excellent post, Gary. In Hebrew, the word for faith is אמונה(emunah), and it has a reduced gematria (numerical value) of 3. This suggests 3 aspects of rock solid faith: First, everything comes from God; Second, it is all for our ultimate benefit; Third, it all has a purpose.
    May God bless you with great success with your new blog and website.

  3. You bless my socks off, cousin. Keep marching!